The 01V96 mixer does give you a choice — you can work at Centralized control means you’ll never have to run around to physically re-patch cables whenever you need to reconfigure the system, while patch setups you might want to use again can be stored in the 01V96 —patch library— for instant recall at any time. Need to adjust the high-mid frequency a little? In the user-assignable layer, a new added feature in version 2, you can create a mixed fader configuration of input and output channels, or you can use the faders as Fader Group Masters. With version 2, you can copy and paste channel or parameter settings from the current scene into other scenes. The rear panel is home to balanced analog stereo and monitor outputs as well as four balanced “omni” outputs.

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Real-time automation is achieved via MIDI control change using an external hardware or software based sequencer.

Yamaha 01v96 V2 Version 2 Digital Mixer

The 01V96 mixer does give you a choice — you can work at Up to 40 total line inputs: Maximum Level to noise Level dB typ. Prepare to be amazed at how far Yamaha digital evolution has come. Returning signal from external processors is permitted via any input channel Muting available on input channels. The 01V96 audio mixer features 6.

By assigning a User Defined Key as a Mute Group Master switch, clicking the key mutes or vv2 all input or output channels in the Mute group. The rear panel also has an expansion slot which will accept a wide range of Yamaha mini-YGDAI expansion cards that can add up to 0v96 additional channels in a variety of formats. If you are interested in bigger quantity, please mention this at the comments section.

  IR330-400 PCL DRIVER

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Yamaha 01v96 V2 Version 2 Digital Mixer | eBay

Even the 01b96 bus, eight 01v9 buses, and eight aux buses have individual compression and EQ! Make Your Offer To make your own price offer for the item, please fill the form below and click “Submit”. The 01V96 offers a main stereo program bus, eight individual mixing buses, two solo buses, and eight auxiliary buses — 01v6 total of 20 in all.

Internal AUX Returns are also pre-routed and are accessible via fader control. When you really need high capacity — particularly for sound reinforcement applications — the 01V96 offers “01V96 Cascade Link” capability that allows two 01V96 units to be cascaded to create up to an channel mixing system at an unbelievably affordable price! When the Fader Solo Release function is active, touching any fader releases the current “solo” ed channel s.

Mono Channels 1 through Compression, expander, gate, ducker and compander functions are available.

Yamaha 01V96 Digital Recording Mixer 01V96V2 B&H Photo Video

With the latest equipment that handles kHz audio as standard in double speed mode like the 01V96 you can make standard connections using the 019v6 card. EQ settings can also be copied between channels via the equalizer library. Depending on the currently selected layer, the channel strips will control channels 1 through 16, channels 17 through 32, or the eight AUX sends and eight buses the “Master Layer”.

Surround is becoming an important part of modern sound production. The current scene number — 01 through 99 — is shown on the LCD panel.

In the user-assignable layer, a new added feature in version 2, you can create a mixed fader configuration of input and output channels, or you can use the faders as Fader Group Masters. Memory is provided for up to 99 scenes.


Firmware and Software

Without going any further you’re ready to handle a comprehensive mix of analog and digital inputs. In this case, power is not provided allowing the SD to also function as a standard splitter when g2. Digital audio technology has come a long way since the early days of 16 bits at The MY8-AE96 card can work either 0196 double speed or double channel mode.

This feature can be useful if you have already programmed several scenes, but want to edit certain parameters in all scenes.

The first 16 can be instantly switched to handle input channels 1 through 16, 17 through 32, auxiliary sends 1 through 8 and buses 1 through 8, or user-assignable configuration via the console’s LAYER switches. The new 01V96 display is a high-resolution x dot LCD panel that provides easy visual access to all of the consoles functions and parameters. This gives you plenty of signal-routing options to adapt to just about any mixing requirements.

Although the 01V96 handles 96 kHz audio as standard, most of the currently available digital recorders and workstations can handle 96 kHz audio only in double channel mode using two tracks to make one. In addition, a group master fader can be assigned to a fader in the user assignable layer.