Please see some examples of defined. One of the things I thought I wouldn’t have to implement this time around was the sunrise equation which I also use with elevated horizons at This command will send the X10 command “on” to the X10 housecode i number 7 and the off command to adres housecode a number 2. Please see this wiki for more explanation on json api. Switching on your lights at set or varying times intelligent presence simulation , creating a home movie theatre, switching your outside lighting or having a fresh pot of coffee ready when you are woken up by the atmospheric lighting in your bedroom. Maybe because I am on Intel.

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This dummy is to trigger a LUA script. I am using the Prolific driver v1.

Here in the US, most houses are 2-phased. These aliases can also be used to send command from the tetrminal prompt.

I already followed kenjon’s advice and ordered a Keyspan adapter, but, after reading the threads you noted, I may also give the Sweex cable a shot. Many thanks, very helpful information indeed. I’ll try to post some pointers marrmitek the setup and use of x10d.

Marmitek CM11 PC Interface 230v Active Home Automation Module

mamritek Current time nowTimet localtime is: I had actually tried the open source interface before, and it didn’t work. Like always before doing an installation on a live system make a backup of the domoticz. I have given up trying to get this interface working so I have ordered a Raspberry PI and am going to try to use mochad. Dec 04, Location: Marmite, installation of the software you can test sending commands from the command line in the terminal.


If the code is hard to read, then just try to guess it right.

Indigo Domotics • View topic – CM11 USB Problem

Thank you for your help, it is certainly very fussy with USB. I’ve continued trying to work out what is wrong.

Now we can first define our aliases for x10 housecode and module numbers that we need in the heyu configuraton file. Noting there is a difference between EU and US frequencies.

Marmitek CM11 PC Interface v Active Home Automation Module | eBay

Target time targetTimet localtime is: Here are some forum threads that talk about it: I have got it workling together with a Raspberry PI. I am not sure the newer approaches are sufficiently bidirectional and well supported on all OSs to justify higher price tags, but their power consumption not negligible for always-on receivers should be much lower.

Error failed to initialize connection with CM11 — trying again Error failed to initialize connection with CM11 — trying again Error failed to initialize connection with CM11 — trying again Error failed to establish connection with main mrmitek.


First we need to setup an user variable the remembers the last dimm setting of the dimmer. Posted on Sun Apr 05, 8: Thanks for the help. Now there is another thread http: Or is it compatible with another one?? Once you have tested this post any follow up question and responses on the other thread as this helps others that may venture into the same territory and will no doubt be asking the same questions.

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Two things I recommend. Run this command to edit the cron. Posted on Sun Apr 05, The initial comment in the source code, “How to compile on Solaris 8”, gives you some indication of its lineage and the timeframe in which it was written, but it runs just fine on the Plug.

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October 22, Target local-time adjust from GMT: