This SDK gives independent software vendors a relatively straight-forward and robust way of integrating biometric fingerprint recognition into custom applications. Friedrich Brunzema 5-Jun 8: My vote of 5 Zamshed Farhan Jan 5: Improved security and convenience Removable, weighted stand Reliable and consistent performance Reduced password resets saving IT time and resources Works well with dry, wet, aged, scarred, or problematic fingers Accurately reads the fingerprints of smaller children More affordable than other fingerprint readers in the same category Can be used with all M2SYS fingerprint software applications Convenient Auto-On feature automatically turns on sensor when it detects a finger Patented optical technology for clear image quality with high contrast, high signal-to-noise ratio, and practically no distortion This fingerprint scanner has a durable frame and non-membrane based sensor surface. The server software also installs a small program with a traffic light icon into the windows taskbar, which allows you to start or stop the server. The last part of the article brings us to making things work with SQLExpress ; you would need to connect to a real networked database server to query the database from a remote client.

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Most of the sdks comes with com components to Integrate.

The M2- EasyScan fingerprint reader is a rugged, ergonomic fingerprint scanner that. Once the client has been installed, the USB fingerprint reader can be plugged-in. The whole system needs to be licensed from the vendor, and the costs depend largely on how many users are to be eaxy in the fingerprint database. M2SYS is a pioneer biometric software and hardware solution provider. The application code below shows how we can make the asynchronous events look synchronous in the application.


Follow the setup screens closely as you install the software.

M2SYS Technology Provee Soluciones de Software y Hardware Biométrico

Friedrich Brunzema 5-Jun 8: Enjoy high-speed scanning for everything from photos to documents, to even 35mm film while also enjoying superb quality. On the machine running the BioPlugin server, easu the ” C: Can you please send me d M2sys bio-plugin sdk that came with yours to zudan yahoo. CloseConnection ; while myDataReader.

You will need to purchase a compatible USB fingerprint reader to begin experimenting with the system. Compatibility Friedrich Brunzema 5-Jun 8: Create a new database.

M2SYS M2-easyscan Hsdu03m Biometric Fingerprint Reader Scanner Housing

How to make this run in a unit that runs in Windows 7 OS????? Besides a required fingerprint management application, deployment of such a system will likely involve an IT organization in medium-to-large organization.

Get deals on Security. This ensures that the windows message pump system can deliver the COM events to our application. With over a decade of experience delivering biometric identity management 2msys to customers throughout the world has led us to extensively test and support multiple fingerprint readers, ensuring that you have the right options for success. The documentation for the installation process provided through a Windows.


The control then appears in the Visual Studio toolbox, after which it can be dragged to the design surface. Leinad Daniel Oct 8: Discover the magic of the Internet. Thank you for your reply.

Proyecto para Carné de Identidad Nacional en Europa

Keep me updated with industry activities: The above shows a log where everything is configured correctly. I have a question about wpf, i really need add a windows form library to my wpf app like that Walkthrough: I am not going to explain in extensive details how to configure the database aesy make things work, the documentation from M2SYS is fairly detailed in this regard.

This did not work, one actually needs to embed the Visual ActiveX control into the application. The sequence of calls to enrol fingerprints is as follows: Routine scanning is quick and easy.

Fingerprint Reader Integration using the M2SYS SDK – CodeProject

Please leave this field empty. M2-EasyScan is a fingerprint reader provided with. SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault false ; if!