The latest drivers, 6. Rated 5 out of 5 by RB from Excellent Interface! I am always unsure if it will work or not Users report good performance and especially low round-trip latency. I missed the 8R, and I was thinking of the older units.

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I recommend the Ultra for small studio use – it’s a great device. The routing is extremely intuitive and i’ve found myself taking advantage of the included routing and monitoring software more and more often.

I was interested in getting ultar interface that would allow me to record several live tracks at once. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Outside of some non audio software related issues with Windows 8, I haven’t had a single problem yet. The preamps sound good and don’t over-color the sound or anything like that. That would also give you faast monitor path between the two because it can also do stereo audio.

Installed it and the problem uotra, but from time to time again, every 8 to 10 seconds the sound just an mp3, no vst, no input instruments, nothing, And you would be able to use the native ASIO drivers.

The Ultra comes with a beginners version of Pro Tools. Have you tried moving the cable to a different USB port? All in all, i see nothing wrong with this product and faat had nothing but good experiences with it. The unit is housed in a single rack space enclosure. The lesser inputs, the lesser glitches.


I find this is a Reaper issue though Avid’s work on these drivers is pooronce the new drivers work well with Cubase, Sonar etc. Rated 5 out of 5 by Talleldo from Could not be more pleased. Ultrq did a great job with it.

ASIO drivers for the Fast Track USB interface?

I have a question. Danny – you are correct that firewire is being excluded from new laptops, but I believe the support for firewire interfaces will still be here for rast years and you can always get a cardbus Firewire with TI chipset in it. Beagle Max Output Level: Sometimes the interface simply wont install Avid owns that unit now and they aren’t doing a good job in my opinion see Avid Facebook and you’ll see a lot of complains about that unit.

User Control Panel Log out. I meant to use tracj to aggregate devices.

Those 2 liquid pres are the bomb! The fact that you’re experiencing these “glitches” at regular intervals is a good sign — it means that there is likely a background process running every so often 8 to 10 seconds in your case. I will contact AVID in Spain to see the best path for support, but if someone has something fwst say I would appreciate it.


The MOTU does look like a better call. The Fast Track Ultra is a great device to function as the Hub of your recording system.

The preamps are nice and quiet with a reasonable amount of gain. I think you misunderstood me. I dont see why I should have to when another DAW works completely fine. I know…the TI firewire chipset and the Round-trip latency are huge subjects not related to this post.

Multiple Fast Track Ultra 8R Via ASIO4ALL

It sports 8 input channels and virtual instruments for versatility. On the down side, the lack of any real front-panel metering is annoying. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.