For more granular support information, please see their wiki page here. If you have a modem or router to connect, how about getting an ethernet cable and connect to the internet this way to set up your wireless adapter? I had just recently downloaded Linux Mint onto my computer, and I downloaded a bit driver for wireless, but I don’t know how to install it. If necessary, firmware can be manually acquired and extracted using the bfwcutter utility, see http: The only ‘system’ I have is: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. How do I add Wireless driver for my laptop?

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Originally Posted by ardvark71 Hi Make sure you are using the correct driver before you install! And nothing happens when I type in rfkill list. One type of switch is called “Hard” WiFi switch which is a hardware switch which is not usually lnux of the regular keyboard. Turn turn it back on you can press the hardware wifi switch and then type “rfkill list” in the console again. Both switches have to be “on” for the wifi to function!

[SOLVED] No Wireless on Broadcom BCM b/g LP-PHY

I have unpacked it, but how to I install it? Broadcom BCM Ubuntu Double click on the package to install or in a Terminal issue the following commands: This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.


Is there a way to install the firmware without having an internet connection? Please post their response to your report. Install ilnux bfwcutter package.

Having a problem logging in? First unload all conflicting drivers this includes removing the driver you’re trying to install: It is maintained upstream here. Another strange thing that happened, as oinux by others, was that I found that even though I had the wifi turned on according the “rfkill list” command, I had to shut down the computer, remove the battery, try turning it on without the battery to discharge the capacitors, then reinsert the battery.

Originally Posted by lihux You need to enter into the directory where your downloaded file is http: You will have to install the B43xx firmware. I’ve never used linux before now, and the person who downloaded the software already left for vacation.

I changed linjx and can see the packages on my desktop lijux the ls command. If it doesn’t work, please file a bug report as per the support article. What is the output of the terminal command ‘lspci’? Installing Windows drivers with NdisWrapper.


Need to make Broadcom Bm4312 Originally Posted by ardvark What if I have no way of connecting to the internet other-than wireless. I’m not sure what to do. If you haven’t it, you must install a synaptic package manager from Ubuntu software center search “bcm” inside synaptic package manager mark for installation “bfwcutter”, “firmware-binstaller” or “firmware-blpphy-installer” if you have a broadcom lpphy driver”firmware-b43legacy-installer” and apply, no restart needed.

If you wish to permanently use the open source drivers then remove the bcmwl-kernel-source package: I had much trouble getting the built in WiFi working, but it turned out to be something to fix, involving a couple switches and completely turning off the computer.

Install the rpm, then start at the step after wget in the instructions. Tara 6 1 2.

bcm43xx – Debian Wiki

Email Required, but never shown. I am getting closer.

See Also Wireless Troubleshooting Guide https: