This is an extremely touchy subject. Anonymous Rookie wrote on Sat, 22 Dec I can’t ever see him winning a championship. And his fans continue this with his broadcast work. I wasn’t outraged by any of it because I also wasn’t surprised by any of it. I don’t think “amazing” describes anyone in any broadcast booth, let alone Junior.

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Got his Cup ride because of his father, Dale Sr made him earn that ride, if name alone got Jr a ride then Kerry’d have a ride. In my mind that’s a hall of fame career even without the Earnhardt name.

All of that personal information should be private, but on Google i View all NFL Sites. Anonymous Veteran wrote on Fri, 28 Dec Submit a new text post.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sucks Forum

Even after his father was taken from this earth by racing, after his hero and blood and namesake damn near had his head taken off by the racetrack that made him dald — Daytona International Speedway — the son continued to try really hard. That never happened to Dale Sr.


He’s not overrated if people would quit expecting him to be like his father. Was Dale Earnhardt Jr.

NASCAR Cup Series: Was Dale Earnhardt Jr. both overhyped and underrated?

He had that rough patch to begin his career at Hendrick, but his performances in andin particular, proved what kind of driver he was capable of in top equipment. Anonymous Veteran wrote on Sat, 29 Dec He was a very good driver and jg.overrated numbers speak for themselves.

Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. Kyle Busch is a moron. Even more so when his father died. Anonymous Rookie wrote on Sun, 23 Dec Then again in and View all CFB Jr.overratev.

As such, Earnhardt Jr. What is Dale Earnhardt famous for? He had a medical condition two concussions like your driver had.

These are not marks of the most overrated driver ever. He was put in an unimaginable situation. How many more migrant children is the U.

Sure, he gets more built-in excuses than the average driver, but he also gets harsher critique because of it too.

If you attend almost any race however, you will see that over the last few years the Jr. Jr never bailed on his team. But he also admitted a tinge of struggle with it all. Anonymous Rookie wrote on Mon, 24 Dec A second child has died in U. He won 26 cup races, 24 xfinity races, 2 Daytona s and 2 xfinity championships.


Was Dale Earnhardt Jr overrated??? : NASCAR

View all Ass Illustrated Sites. While I wrestled with that reaction, I scrolled through social media and flipped through TV channels to take the temperature of the outside world.

I tried to talk her out of it, but she’s been dead for 20 years.

He heard it as a young adult, from crusty, old short-track weekend warriors strolling by his late-model ride for no reason other than to take verbal shots of jealousy at the benefits iz his last name.