Select Normal to have the window state appear like a DOS window on the desktop. Select the Client Setup tab. If the images exceed the record size limit of your platform, you can shrink the images to conform to this limit. If either value is either blank or zero, the values are reset to by pixel resolution. Select to convert and shrink images to fit your selected database platform limit, as shown in the Image Size Limit field.

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If this check box is not selected, the Client Setup process creates or updates settings in the registry, but it doesn’t set up the PeopleSoft 8 program group or install local DLLs. Something does not work as expected? If a page is too large for the window, the page information is clipped along the right and peopleslft edges of the window.

Page controls are always displayed in their normal size. For example, if your display size is set to by pixels, and you open a page designed to display in an by pixel window, the page controls are scaled down so that all page information appears. Switch to these languages by manually changing the registry setting.

This directory stores log files and other output files. This setting applies to Application Engine programs.


Append content without editing the whole page source. Use this setting to identify problems that are intermittent and hard to predict. The default window size is pixels by pixels. The changes you make within PeopleSoft Configuration Manager do not take effect until the next time a user signs on to PeopleSoft.

nVision – PeopleSoft Wiki

Select check boxes to create shortcut links for PeopleSoft applications that you want to access from the workstation. To view a list of the files installed and actions taken by the Client Setup process, open the psinstal.

Elapsed times in UNIX are accurate to one microsecond. To remove an application server configuration, select its application server name in the grid and click Delete. If you do not select this box, the Client Setup process will not run. If you do not want any rows returned, leave the field blank.

The instructions to fix this in the message probably won’t lnstall available to you anymore in newer versions of PeopleTools.

This helps to alleviate heavy processing on the client. To set the parameters for this profile, make sure that it’s selected, and click the Edit button. When selected, the User ID check box is automatically selected, although you can clear it.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

In Microsoft Windows applications, pressing the Enter key in a dialog box selects the default action button. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. To clear Database Name, you must clear the Database Type check box. The database name may be abbreviated to fit on the screen. If this setting does proplesoft apply to your site’s Crystal Reports implementation, leave this field blank. Crystal Reports for PeopleSoft.


You can choose any valid PeopleSoft database name. In addition to overwriting environment settings, this function also overwrites all existing settings made in PeopleSoft Application Designer.

Using PeopleSoft Configuration Manager

If the images exceed the record size limit of your platform, you can shrink the images to conform to this limit. Use this tab to export, or save to file, the specified environment settings, and to import previously exported settings.

Select to specify whether the standard out or standard error of the child COBOL process is directed to a file. If Crystal Reports is installed on a network drive, use this field to reflect the ihstall of the Crystal Reports executables.

Generate level 2 tracing plus runtime SQL statements. The default value is This approach assumes that application server will receive an equal number of connections.