The T in notebook mode. The air being pumped out of the vent however is HOT. A cool feature is the silver covers that go over the ports on the back to protect from dust and it adds to the overall look. Not much to write home about here. View of the keyboard. The keys are white, so they will get dirty.

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Fujitsu LifeBook T Specs – CNET

The air being pumped out of the vent however is HOT. View of the screen in tablet mode. The only software I have installed is Office Enterprise and a couple of games. The suede patches help, but it is still noticeably warm. The Fujitsu LifeBook T converting into tablet mode. It gives you some friction so it feels eiemens you are actually writing on paper instead of glass which is neat.

After about 24 hours of use the machine very rarely missed ANY words I wrote in my chicken scratch. Please share our article, every link counts! But what consumer wants to sacrifice price for reliability? Since the circuitry is beneath the keyboard, one should be very careful with liquids near this Tablet PC I am mentioning this because there have been questions raised as to whether the keyboard or plastic covering is spill proof.


Pen flicks are great for copying, pasting, deleting, scrolling on web pages, etc. With this introduction, I turn to the Fujitsu T I never found myself slipping around or wishing for more response.

Right out of the box, the rather compact T shows off its sleek and attractive build. Under the lights or in the shade it looks great and works flawlessly, not too reflective at all. The reception distance is also very impressive I was able to secure a signal and use the Internet connection from well over 50 feet away from my router although, depending on the siemnes between the computer and wireless router, users may find that connectivity varies with distance.

View of the keyboard. I am merely a happy Fujitsu consumer with a well built machine. The screen automatically orients itself when you flip into tablet mode and the rotate buttons work like they are supposed to. The T is solid in design and construction. Situated right below is the fingerprint scanner, which I will be commenting on later in this review.

The Fujitsu T seemed to fit the bill the best.

Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook T4220

This is not h4220 important but, I personally would like to see when the hard disk is in use or glance to see if the Caps lock is on — something a bit difficult if I happen to be working in a scarcely lit room or area.


You can really tell Microsoft put a lot of thought into designing it to work on a tablet. I like the keyboard. Fjuitsu Results for 3Dmark Booting up is quick.

On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. The vujitsu input was a lot easier than I expected. The brightness of the screen itself may be adjusted for power management quite easily.

Restarting is just as quick. One inconvenience that pops out is the lack of a built in fire wire port; however, a PC card with fire wire input can be purchased t4202 if the user finds that fire wire input is a crucial fujitzu. Using the screen in tablet mode is easy. It also utilizes more screen estate, allows for viewing complete pages of documents, and gives users more room to write notes. One thing that annoys me a little bit is the sticker.