So, the problem is that ONLY the 48khz sample rate gives sound. The time now is All times are GMT Absolutely the same situation! Now, I can’t live without those knobs to control monitoring or headphones volumes.

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I just upgraded from a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 don’t laugh! All times are GMT We had the same problem with Windows XP.

I already bought an usb 10 days ago, I was eager to get it and never looked closely for driver support. All other sample rates “Failed to play test tone” ysb test, just like this: How can I fix it? Really straightforward and user friendly as well as portable which is another feature I was looking for. They sell an amazing amount of PC sound cards, yet the drivers were never something to write home about.

It’s not like the release of Vista was a big surprise, yet many mainstream PC hardware and software makers either have beta stuff in the pipeline right now or nothing at ALL available for customers who have upgraded to the new OS. Originally Posted by peter At least they are working on Mac OSX drivers. Works flawlessly under Windows vista 32 bit, windows xp pro 32 bit as well as windows xp pro 64 bit.


This will be followed by an official release of 0044 drivers and applications on www. Post 9 of This package contains a full installer. Not so, it’s not just protection but also has all the button markings etc. Both the new and old drivers worked fine in Windows 8.

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Driver Beta Driver Application All. Forum Themes Vvista Progressive. You have another soundcard with digital out? It does not require that you had previously installed the software from an original CD, but only that your system meets the minimum requirements. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 4.

This thread is locked. Changes in this Release: Uninstalling and reinstalling driver didn’t solve the issue. They have a ton of stuff to iron out with Vista from what I’ve been reading and I hate some of the UI changes that have been made man they took away the streamlined system properties and give you this dumb browser page with links buried all over the place.


Anyway, not vosta advertisement, just a recommendation in case anyone’s interested. Share This Page Tweet. We also cista TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 2.

Most companies have drives available for Vista even for products now discontinued see Canon printer drivers, Terratec cinergy TV tuners, etc.

Your RPM hard drive isnt the best.

Dropout on Vista with EMU 0404 USB

ASIO works fine on any sampling frequency. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next. Post 6 of Pointed them ub the online driver location hidden on manufacturer site.