Not a killer problem, but thought the feedback might be useful. Driver installation To install or update drivers, “Administrator” authorization is necessary. World s most popular driver download site. You may have to fool around with it a bit. I’m using Sonar 2.

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World s most popular driver download site. I can compensate for the delay using the audio-to-MIDI delay setting in the Cubase Audio System Setup dialog box, but it needs a value ofabout 0. Select the [Device Manager] tab. Click the [Next] adio. This represents the number of bits of audio data transmitted between the driver and an application program.

You have to navigate to “sound games and audio controllers” and find Yamaha or DS asiio that. Some functions associated with ASIO 2. I think it uses a buffalo chip set and my system is rock solid. Click the [YES] button. Thank you Harvey for the great install instruction post. Open [System] in the Control Panel.


Click the [Finish] button. The driver version can be confirmed as follows.

DS 2416 will not work in XP environment.

It is recommended that you use this driver only in applications that use the same number of bits. I am guessing that since you sold your a while ago, you didn’t have to use it through XP. Double click [System] in the Control Panel.

Strangely, on the DS, there seems to be better immunity against crackles with the ASIO buffer set to 64 than there is at any other point up towhere the delay is obviously greater. Harvey, Thank you very much for the help!

Yamaha DSP Factory () DS Digital mixing card

The ASIO driver supports adjustable buffer sizes, if you find that the driver is causing problems at the lowest latency setting, please adjust the buffer size accordingly to remedy this. Driver installation To install or update drivers, “Administrator” authorization is necessary.

View More Photo Galleries. Also included in this driver update are low latency ASIO 2.

[GEN] Logic newbie – audio tracks under DS

Under Windows professional audio applications all support 24 and 32 bit recording depth. Author Write something about yourself.


I get an error message that the DS in not using any resources because it has a problem. Harvey Cedars Saio Output Level: It seems that these otherwise wonderful devices have been binned in their thousands for want of some support from Yamaha. Or you have Direct X 9 on or something.

I have an E-machines celeron piece O whatever and. Mark Forums Read Thread.

The drivers for DSP factory will not load. I’m using Sonar 2. Post by VintageSynth on Jan 22, I forget the exact steps, but you wsio to navigate through the add hardware applet till you find what you need. Ol’Harv If it sounds good it is good http: