So the entire situation has changed. Archiva inks from Ilford are specially formulated to last as long as possible. This can pop up at any time and ruin your images. Don’t try to buy one of these printers over the internet and try to install it yourself. I have kept an eye on ColorSpan, the company and its printers, for several years.

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If a demo or reconditioned, then we recommend under the agreement written agreement that it will be replaced or purchase price refunded in full if the printer does not function as advertised.

Epson does the same, if anything about their printer is not very impressive, the ad agency singles out that aspect and claims Epson is the absolute best in this specific attribute now you know why Epson ads claim its fast and can print on all kinds of media.

The MacDermid ColorSpan Mach 12 Printer

Every ink works best only with certain media. Part of the test is to have them read the instruction book and get the printer going on their own.

Air filter – For use in any location where an air filter is used inside Vacuum Pressure VPinline vacuum tube, ink-blocking filter.

These ColorSpan printers were still working over 10 years old. Of course colorspqn you are printing signs or tradeshow displays you don’t see the grainy dots from a distance.

An expensive repair is required to restore operation. Roland is supposed to run around the clock, which is why it costs more than the Epson. colorspam


Subsequently ColorSpan was bought by a new company, MacDermid. Actually our Mach 12 was used when we got it, and it is into its second year: Take the speed statistics with a grain of salt which means reduce them.

You see all the dots and pattern of the limited dpi. Museums could do exhibits more economically if the curators and in-house photo staff had access to a wide-format printer. Long Tygon tube from filter.

Yes, they had a few headaches since they had never even seen this printer operating before I sprung the test on them. I like the Mimaki and Mutoh but the ColorSpan is ideal for a sign shop.

Both produce signs, posters, banners, and fine art giclee prints every day here at the university. Just send your files prinnter the network.

Provides the Luer fittings used at the ends of the tubing along with numerous other fittings used elsewhere on the coloorspan. Roland offers good quality but much slower. Ilford can provide colorspsn proper monitor, every necessary item of computer equipment, software, hardware Today we would suggest you look at textile printers from d-gen because ColorSpan no longer makes it’s FabriJet model. Barbed metal fitting used with aluminum reservoirs.

In this photo, a small overfill has occurred and the tube is partially filled with ink. The new model also has hot-swap ink change capability. The warranty is needed for as long as you own the printer, since you may need technical help and replacement of parts that don’t function well. So if you get the ink and media from the same company then the combination is widely documented to produce results superior to you merely using some miscellaneous media.


Reviews of ColorSpan DisplayMaker XII wide format printer.

Which means can you really trust to run a piezo printer unattended all night long? Unfortunately the flash used to take this snapshot was not wide enough to cover the dolorspan of view of the wide angle lens. It arrived this summer. Required only a single service call, and that was the result of a student, with zero experience, accidently trashing part of the machine in an over exuberient attempt to clean up his recent printing foible. Short Tygon tubing prinrer a single ink-blocking filter; A Luer-lock connector connects the filter to a long Tygon tube; the Tygon tube connects to the left-slave 1 of each set of 4 printhead cllorspan only.

Some media works better with specific inks and not as well with another ink. We prefer to recommend cost-effective printers that produce photo-realistic quality with long-lasting colors using archival inks. Color management is on board.