Physiological processes are acquired with a speed of up to images per second. The high dynamics of 12 bits per color channel allow you to save and process your recordings with maximum gray value resolution and quality. Registration GS, CE, cul Highlights for biology and medicine High bit dynamics 18 MHz digitization Maximum resolution in x pixels Long exposure times bit color depth Adjustable ROI Region of Interest Adjustable binning Absolutely color-fast images Fast live image Small camera size allows optimal system integration Easy to use without external control box and power supply Vibration-free operation no mechanical cooling fans, shutters or filter wheels Data transmission and power supply via single cable Special features of AxioCam MRm Expanded spectral range High sensitivity for near infrared High-quality fluorescence images, even with specimens with extremely low light intensity bit dynamics plus cooled sensor: They may show slight traces of use. AxioCam MR offers features that meet these demands at a price that can t be beat. Outstanding price and performance AxioCam MR This mid-resolution camera from Carl Zeiss has excellent resolution of x and bit digitization.

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You made the right decision in choosing. Basler racer Migration Guide. This application note compares and contrasts. The best results are achieved by using correction filters – not by digitally enhancing in a software program as once More information.


On these pages you will find special promotions. Optical Interface C-mount Important high end microscope peripherals such as adjustable light sources or external shutters are synchronized with the camera due to our AxioVision software.

For the latest updates, please visit www. The A5D also features positive More information. For the latest updates, please visit WWW. Carl Zeiss AG Feldbachstr. Optimized mt components ensure great. The AxioCam HS has been developed as a scientific camera for imaging applications in the fields of neurobiology, developmental biology and virology.

Basler runner Line Scan Cameras High-quality line scan technology meets a cost-effective GigE interface Real color support in a compact housing size Shading correction compensates for difficult lighting More information.

Microscopy & Imaging

Introduction to image sensors 3 2. A1 FL Axio Vert. D1 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment Axio Imager.

The resolution is indeed More information. The Technology Decision White Paper This White Paper will explain the two scanning technologies and compare them with respect to quality, usability, price and environmental aspects. axkocam

Zeiss AxioCam MRc Rev 3 Digital Camera

Click on the Camera icon to switch. If so, you are certain to benefit from the remote control supplied. Benefits of Electronic Detectors. Monochrome mg Color Camera? Click on the Camera icon to switch More information.


This document applies to the Rolera Bolt camera. One stage Peltier cooling Control signals: AxioCam MR is equally wellsuited to macro imaging with the axocam of a suitable C-mount macro lens. With its image sensor specially selected to provide the flatness required for applications such as advanced mapping, the new A5D is the ideal camera for aerial photography.

Our cameras are based. As a result, you can document bright fluorescence signals with good contrast gradations and an appealing level of quality. Subject to change Comment: Documents md to this Item Brochures 2 Special Offer!

Color fringes at fine structures and edges, which occur when using cameras with a fixed sensor, axocam therefore avoided. Four Types of Images. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

You can sit back and view your specimens in comfort. C-Mount Thread depth for objectives: