They work great with Panasonic CF25, 27, 71, and 72s.. Data highway is a much faster way then using the serial inerface, and is my best preference for use on a SLC. If you know someone with a series A card, maybe you can persuade them to let you try it out before you buy one. HP Is there a utility or technique to check the integrity of the card? You bring up another good point, you also have to consider what the cable is anchored to!

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Download Allen Bradley PCMK Series B

You should probably use the series B just make sure you get series B cables. I have been connecting via a null modem cable and using the aic net driver in linx. Don’t know much about 2K or XP.

If the card’s PNP drivers don’t work on a Win98 or Win system, then you probably have a bad card.

1784-PCMK A or B?

Thanks for the post though. Sign in Already have an account? All times are GMT Please click here to register! All this is still kinda new to me, would the ser A card suite me for communicating with a slc and maybe a plc 5. Do you know if the “diagnostic” program there would work to test an NT 4 system?


If you know someone with a bradpey A card, maybe you can persuade them to let you try it out before you buy one. Of course if you had a Panasonic you’d be more worried about chipping the concrete than damaging the notebook, but I guess I covered that elsewhere: Zllen any diagnostic program that may have come with your card to verify that the card is no longer functional. Can you tell I’m a bit partial to Panasonic Toughbooks? Posted 20 Apr Just don’t give me the same idiot.

All the IRQ on that list are being used by the device next to them. Man, thats hilarious, id hate to be those techs.


Find More Posts by rsdoran. The pcmo now is The difference between the A and the B card is the A card will only support data highway at I did the usual tech support thing and calmly tried to walk the guy through how to properly plug the cable into the card.


The worst case scenario would be that your notebook isn’t compatible with the series A. I’ve got two PCM4s with obliterated connectors from times that I was lazy and didn’t anchor it down. I’ve got kind of a funny story about PCMKs.

Again no problem a bit of a nuisance to configure, then reboot to switch, but not a problem. It is very slow and I have to connect to a panelview the is on a Serles with this SLc.

I need some help!!

PLC Hardware – PLCH Validation

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August 13th, Pcml DC drive Card Configuration. I am looking at purchasing one and was going to post a message but I see someone already did.